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Insurance Quotes
"For many years I couldnít get approved for a decent credit card but now you got me approved for an unsecured credit card with a high credit limit and a reasonable rate. Thank you for all the effort and hard work! "
Applied Jun 13th Approved Jun 13th Willie
"I thought you were a scam, if you know what I mean. Sorry for saying it so bluntly. Then I had to eat my words, of course. Thank you, for the loan first, and for the lesson on humility later!"
Applied Apr 12th Approved Apr 18th Paul Klein
"I was in desperate need of funding, but my credit was... let's say "less than perfect". I didn't want to apply for a payday loan, and I didn't have to because you got me approved for a bad credit personal loan within a week. Amazing results."
Applied Mar 10th Approved Mar 17th George Drew
"I have found out more on mortgages and mortgage refinance from your site than a friend of mine that works in a real estate agency. And Iím not only happy that I got approved for a home loan with excellent terms. Iím a bit proud too and I have you to thank you for that."
Applied Apr 14th Approved May 7th Michelle, FL
"I was looking for finance for starting a business. I thought that I should go for a business loan. But following the advice of the customer service department I applied for a home equity loan and got approved with much better terms. Later on, I confirmed what you people at customer service told me, I wouldnít have obtained a loan of that amount otherwise. I commend you for your efficiency; you saved me a lot of hassles and probably a lot of money too."
Applied Jul 9th Approved Jul 14th Roger, VA
"Getting a home loan seemed to be so complicated and as first time home buyers we were full of doubts and fears but you guided us through the whole process and helped us get approved for a mortgage loan with better terms than all the other offers we received. We are very grateful and will recommend your services at every chance we have."
Applied Apr 15th Approved Apr 23rd Demian, WA
"I was getting smothered by the debt payments. I really couldnít take it any longer. I decided to join your site as a last resort before giving in to bankruptcy. But it is true, your negotiators really are experts. I got debt reductions and a new repayment program I can now afford. Perhaps you donít know that you didnít only gave me control over my financial life, you also gave me my night sleep and health back. I really appreciate it."
Applied Oct 30th Approved Nov 3rd Amber Johnson
"Too bad you are an online company, I really wanted to drop by your office with a little gift for being so incredibly efficient and professional!"
Applied May 23rd Approved May 30th Monica Harrington
"Youíve been so helpful in the past with all the advice and information on how to improve my chances of getting a loan. Well, Iíve finally applied and got approved for an unsecured personal loan. Let me tell you it feels great being able to get finance again. Iíll use this money wisely this time. I really appreciate all your help. God bless you!"
Applied Jun 5th Approved Jun 16th Latasha, IL
"Before I could finish explaining my problem, Customer support team sent me an email saying a Line of Credit was what I needed and following was a list of lenders. I contacted the first one and I got a quote from them and later that week I got approved. Iím amazed!"
Applied Jul 8th Approved Jul 12th Rachel, NY
"I just wanted to rest this summer and though I had saved some money I needed a little help so as to pay for the plane tickets. I got to visit my family in Florida and recover from a very tense first half of the year. Thanks a lot."
Applied Jun 13th Approved Jun 21st Richard, NC
"Thank you so much for your help, I was desperate!"
Applied Jan 17th Approved Feb 10th Theresa Land
Get the Loan you Need regardless of your Credit!
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