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"I rent my home and so I couldnít apply for a secured loan. Everywhere I turned to, what they offered were home equity loans or refinance home loans which I didnít qualify for. I just needed an unsecured loan and thatís what I got when I joined your site. And I got it within three days."
Applied Nov 21st Approved Nov 24th Aaron Harris
"My credit was not that bad, but my debt-to-income ratio was through the roof, so no one wanted to finance me. Luckily for me, you were the exception!"
Applied Mar 13th Approved Mar 19th Richard Cummings
"I just wanted to let you know that I found your site to be very easy to browse, and quick. And I got an answer from a lender really fast. Thank you. "
Applied May 14th Approved Jun 14th Juli, MS
"We are a young couple who fell in love in junior high and decided to get married right after graduating high school. It would have been impossible for us to have the beautiful wedding we had if we hadn't received help from your lending team despite our lack of credit. We have no words to thank you!"
Applied May 2nd Approved May 7th Erica and Walter Yipple
"I spent so much time and money on useless programs. So glad you stand up to your claims. Thanks a lot."
Applied Nov 29th Approved Jan 3rd Chris Gordon
"Thank you so much for working with me to find a lender that would finance my car purchase. That was a fast and efficient service. Iíll recommend your services to everyone!"
Applied Aug 12th Approved Aug 19th William Smith
"Thank you for getting me approved for a 24Hs. Loan. I really needed the money urgently. Iíll use your site next time I have an emergency!"
Applied Apr 16th Approved Apr 16th Julia
"I finally bought my apartment. Iím moving this week. I canít thank you enough for helping me find a mortgage loan. I will strongly recommend this company."
Applied Nov 3rd Approved Nov 23rd Darrell, SC
"I was very impressed by the way you kept trying to find a solution to our credit problem. But I was even more amazed when you contacted us with that last lender that finally approved us for the loan amount we needed. Thank you all!"
Applied Jul 6th Approved Jul 16th Dino, FL
"I have found out more on mortgages and mortgage refinance from your site than a friend of mine that works in a real estate agency. And Iím not only happy that I got approved for a home loan with excellent terms. Iím a bit proud too and I have you to thank you for that."
Applied Apr 14th Approved May 7th Michelle, FL
"I've recommended your site and your service to three of my classmates, I'm sure they could use a student loan with the kind of terms you got for me."
Applied Jun 2nd Approved Jun 6th Joann Hubbard
"We were first time home buyers and the idea of purchasing a home was exciting and stressing at the same time. Yet, with your help, the process was swift and we got pre-approved right away. A couple of weeks later we had the keys to our new home. You canít imagine how grateful we are to you. Rest assured that we will recommend your services to everyone."
Applied Jul 10th Approved Jul 20th Susan And John
Get the Loan you Need regardless of your Credit!
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